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    Everything was good and well planned, plus our tour guide Rex Lin was a very knowledgeable guy. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the first night accommodation in New Jersey which was not even at a hotel, it was an "inn motel" not worth the standard accommodation option I was paying for. Thankfully they moved us to a better "standard" hotel in New Jersey on the next day. All in all, good tour, awesome guide, and please always consider an actual hotel when placing your "standard" guests.



    It worth to do this tour - Cover a lot of spots in short time, at medium cost. I will write which I think can help you on making a decision. - You have no included any meal - On top of the price add $ 300-350/ person (only for tickets, tip), and this will be the finally price/ tour. If you add and meals, you will have a price per tour, no cheap not high. - Majority of tourists is Chinese, so for this reason the guide has spoken more in Chinese ( in my trip only me and more 2 people weren't), but do not be worry. The guides are well trained, polite, brings good energy (mine was Sammi, young man, who knew what he is doing) - To visit inside the White House it needs a special individual approval from US office, so do not expect to see it, no matter the trip you choose - The trip is very good organized and scheduled but keep in mind, in winter time the day is shorter and you can't well cover everything. - Very important: As tourist we must have provided to us the contact of person who pick up us from the airport, including phone no, WhatsApp, Skipe, even more. Because I didn't have it, and my flight was late, I have lost the morning tour. For these last two reasons only 4 stars.