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    7日游-黄石公园-羚羊峡谷-拱门公园-盐湖城 (洛杉矶/拉斯维加斯出发,盐湖城离团)

    In general, I'm satisfied with the tour organization. I was traveling with my friend around the West Coast and to see a lot in a limited amount of time, the bus tour is the best option. We were timely everywhere, accommodations were very good, some guides gave very valuable recommendations where we could to eat or buy a meal. The guide Wesley was great. You should not expect to have a lot of time on every point, it is about 1-1.5 hours to take some photos and to look around. The schedule is very tight, distances between the points are huge, so that is why a lot of time you are spending on the bus. But the view outside the window is the best :) About concerns: - The bus stops every 2 hours for a bathroom break, so make sure you empty your bladder every stop. In another case, you have to wait until the next stop cause no one will stopper your request. - We had 3 guides during the trip, you expect to have an equal amount of information in English and Chinese, but one of the guides, Michel, just skipped translating in English most information, so we didn't know in what time we will have to wake up tomorrow. That was awful, we had to double check it every time. In general, I can recommend the tour as a good way to see a lot of famous places in a limited time.