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    8天7夜 “一路向南,春暖花开” 弗农山庄+萨凡纳+奥兰多+圣奥古斯丁+会展中心圣诞装饰逍遥游

    Just arrived from our Tour yesterday, 12/28/2019. Tour guide - Hoa Wu, thank you for accommodating all of us, he's funny, entertaining, approachable, reliable, tells it like it is, helpful, doesn't leave anybody behind, always available 24/7, and talented with a memory video surprise to share with all us not all tour guides are that thoughtful, plus the group photos that's pretty cool keepsake. He and the driver makes sure that we are safe. Bus Driver - Thank you Tommy for keeping us safe in all of our stops and for bringing us home safe. The drive was just the right amount of speed, no jerky stops (you know some drivers like to use the brakes a lot and no one threw up that's always a plus), it was smooth driving, no scary sloppy turns (you know, were you feel like you're about to fall on the side, none of that), strict in keeping the bus clean (the only bus driver i know that cleaned the bus in the middle of a tour, hooray! it's always a plus), and strict in no screaming on the bus (hooray! some people does not know how to keep it down, no courtesy to their neighbors) and strict on people not standing while the bus is moving. Accommodations - are clean, be advise though, that some hotels does not have elevators (however, fear not Tour Guide Hoa Wu will help you bring your bags up to your room), free breakfast is always a plus no matter how early you have to leave. Tour Guide Hoa Wu will try to make sure that you have free breakfast. They also try to make sure that the hotels are near food establishments to give you options for dinner. Your on your own for dinner. Lunch - The Tour offers you an option to avail their 3 days Chinese buffet lunch package it's cheap and covers all dietary needs, price includes tax and tips. Dinner - your on your own. Itinerary - The only downside is that traffic and weather conditions made us skip on our Savannah, Georgia stop. I was hoping they can accommodate the missed stop on the way back but the bus driver has strict 10 hours of driving per day. That was the only dissappointing part of it. I wish they compensated with another attraction nearby at least. I understand it was out of their hands but it would have been an extra surprise and apease our disappointment. Otherwise the itinerary was awesome. It was the right passing to each attractions and pit stops. Be advised: Language - primarily used is Chinese, secondary English. Seating arrangement - the company will provide you a pre-assigned seats. However, if there are empty seats ask your Tour Guide if you can move seats. Shuttle Bus - Will pick you up from your pick up point and drop you off to China Town. Be ready to drag your bags to your tour bus meeting point. Same goes to drop off points. Attraction entrance - are additional cost it's not included with the package it gives you the option to join the tour or be on your own. Choose wisely, we did! For attractions with rides please make sure to go to their website and check if your child has the right hieght to ride otherwise it will be a totally frustrating tour. Always have an open mind, go with the flow and remember it cost a lot of money to join this Tours so don't expect a lot so that you'll be pleasantly surprise. Enjoy! I recommend this Tour! We'll try the Key West one next time.