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    布拉格-维也纳-哥本伦茨-巴黎-阿姆斯特丹 2-14日欧洲超值自由行 (布拉格出发)

    Although we joined Chinese tour/guide(their schedule itinerary favor our scheduled vacation), over all itinerary of our 13 days tour from Prague to Frankfurt (took blue loop and red loop) is wonderful and visited most of the major site seeing places. Our tour guides were very helpful assisting us where and time for our itinerary, esp. Frank from the red loop. The tour on each locations were brief but don't bother us, our priority is to visit many places and take pictures. It didn't bother us at all if the tour guide describes those places we ware visiting, I read and search them all before we joined this tour. My only concern is not knowing our hotel in advance. I sent an email to the company about my concern in Frankfurt where we will depart on our last tour. They immediately replied and assured me even the tour guide that they will provide us the nearest hotel at the airport as possible. We are happy that indeed our hotel is only 25 minutes to the airport. The tour guide was that morning of our departure at the hotel that we are alright. We took 5 tours from this company from west coast, east coast and Midwest and we enjoyed each time because of budget tour and many places to visit in such short itinerary. It you look to travel in limited budget, go for this company and their tours. Rose