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    The tour was amazing! My family and I came to visit the New York area for around 5-6 days so we didn't have much time to cover everything on our own. Queue in the 3 day 2 night tour- it was exactly what we wanted. Our tour guide Sam was brilliant! He was so engaging and kind, always made sure we were all comfortable, and was very considerate with our requests. He made our whole trip very memorable. The itinerary was perfectly planned with enough time with just about anything, and the cost of this tour is also quite affordable & no fees was hidden. We got to cover quite alot in these three days, and there were enough bus stops for restroom breaks to not feel like we were driving at a stretch. The bus we were on was okay, looked a bit old, but it was clean and manageable. However, on our way back our tour bus was going to Boston while we had to head back to New York, so we shifted to another bus, and the new bus was not so good. Again, it was manageable, but there was stench of urine throughout our 5-6 hour journey back to NY from Buffalo, which was very uncomfortable. The windows did not open also so we couldn't do anything about it. The bus picked and dropped us very close to our hotel (5 minute walk), and they tried to make sure we reached around sunset (by 9pm we were back at the hotel) If you're traveling with family (or even alone) and don't want the hassles of car rentals, google maps, and figuring things out on your own, this tour is the way to go! Just make sure you speak to the tour guide early on to get your preferred seats if you have any, or they will randomly assign you anywhere according to their tourists list.