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    If you want to see the Big Apple on a budget than this is the tour for you!! I went with my sister and as neither of us had ever been on a bus tour we weren't sure what to expect or if we would like it. We both had an amazing trip and felt it was a great price for a trip that included your transportation, a decent comfortable hotel room and breakfast. The optional attractions (you choose 3) were great, as well as the free walking tour and free time at the 911 memorial area. We both really appreciated that we did not have to make arrangements or navigate through very, very busy Manhattan on our own. Our tour guide Yu was great and extremely helpful and informative and gave us great advice when we ventured off on our own to see a Broadway show. It was obvious he really cared about all his passengers and was like a mother hen not wanting to lose one of her little chick's lol! My only very minor complaint would be that I wish the bus stayed a little later in Manhattan on the last night, as we were only there such a short time and staying later (maybe 9pm or even 10pm) would have allowed us to see/do more without having to arrange our own transportation back to the hotel. Overall the trip was amazing and we both would love to do it again!:)



    My wife and I had a great experience on this tour. The bus does stop for a washroom in a timely manner and it was a smooth ride. The bus have an outlet for charging the phone but no Wifi. Our tour guide Jack is great and made sure that we covered all the attractions listed and also gave us some free time for ourselves to enjoy NYC on our own. The hotel that we got is in NJ which includes a great breakfast selection.