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    3日千岛-渥太华- 蒙特利尔-魁北克法兰西风情游加东经典旅游团(多伦多出发)

    Group of four seniors, two adults, and one child, all the problems encountered during the whole journey tour guide Du all worked hard to solve for us. The itinerary arrangement is reasonable, so that all guests have less queues, avoiding the peak of the crowd, and took many beautiful photos. It fully reflects his proficiency. The accommodation requirements are all considered for us. Arranging us on the 1st floor can facilitate us to take care of the elderly. A room with a sofa bed was arranged for us so that both adults and children can rest well. An old man among us couldn't have a sweet breakfast, and when he knew that, he told us that we could buy white bread there. Very grateful. On the third day of the museum's itinerary, the children were very interested, and he explained to the children with patience. There are several trips that the children like in these days. His explanations taught children what they could not learn in school. At the same time, it shows Du's familiarity with the profession and his serious attitude towards work.

    Su Chu

    3日加东四大名城精华旅游团 (多伦多出发)

    On June 12-19, my husband and I took part in the tour of the three eastern provinces, Montreal and Toronto. Although we had to leave early and return late, we also felt the courtesy of home at home! From the first day of joining the group in North Carolina, little Du's Guide's explanation and the first time to remember the names of the two of us, old but not old, really feel respected! When I stayed in the hotel that night, I saw that Xiaodu arranged the hotel stay in a skillful and efficient way. Nearly 50 members of the group completed it in a short time. Each of the members respected Xiaodu's instructions and checked in smoothly. The white counter lady on the side also showed admiration. I immediately felt confident about the next few days' trip, because on the first day, I confirmed that this was definitely one of them Have the strength warm and polite guide! As we are too old to endure long-distance bus travel, we have not participated in group tourism for ten years. However, based on our yearning for the three eastern provinces, we have made a name at last minute with a tentative attitude! During the whole trip, Du tirelessly explained in three languages, taking into account the needs of each group. The humorous atmosphere in his words made the whole car laugh constantly, and even Andy, the driver, was amused. Of course, the long-distance bus driving is hard and challenging for a middle-aged driver. I really admire Xiao Lin's tolerance and caring. Chen, the driver can keep the best state and concentrate on driving and maintenance Safety of the whole car! Of course, we also restore our confidence in such bus travel!