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    Hello Take Tours. Our tour guide was Fruit. I forgot the name of the driver of the bus but he should get a 5 star, too. Thank you very much to Fruit and the bus driver. He was very informative especially on the hotels, lunch and dinner places we can go. He knows the interesting sites will show us where the restrooms are what is a good view on Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier and the Redwood NP, Oregon Capitol and Washington Capitol. The bus did not have any radio or music. I think we should have more time on both the Crater Lake and Mount Rainier NP. Overall we had a wonderful time!



    The only reason why I am putting 4 stars on most categories is because you guys really need to point out this tour is with a chinese group. Besides a small mention of a bilingual (english and chinese) tour guide, nothing tells you about that. Now that being said, the tour itself was amazing. Accomodations were all clean, we saw everything described in the itinerary, we had enough time to enjoy each park and the schedule was well planned. My chinese group has also been very inclusive and welcoming which made this tour even better. Finally, our tour guide, Carol, has been spectacular; well organized, more rigorous at the right times, overall friendly, helpful, joyful and smiling. Id take tour guides like her anytime.