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    Nice quick tour to Niagara Falls on the New York side. I've been to other tours here but this one was a different view of the falls. I got to visit Goat Island, Fort Niagara, and cave of the winds. If you wanna see the falls up close, cave of the winds is the best way to experience it. We also did the boat ride on Niagara Falls. I recommend this trip to everyone, it's surely a memorable experience. Only complaint was this tour guide didn't seem to know what she was doing but I was ok with it. I still had fun. Your attitude will determine how much you enjoy it.



    The Niagara Falls was such a gorgeous place. There were multiple interesting attractions before reaching the falls, and stunning parks. The negative aspects of the tour are: 1. No options of tv or wifi, so nothing to do for very long hours of the trip. 2. Very limited options of decent food. Took us twice to a food court (One Niagara Welcome Center) with mediocre food. If you want real meals you would have to pack them or just eat snacks from vending machines. 3. The tour guide Vivian was rushing us in every stop. It would be better to give the patrons some time to understand the places, shop for gifts or eat without the chaos and disorganization. Other than that, the natural beauty of this place is incredible, a must visit. Hope you take this honest constructive critisism to help better your service.