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    NASA center in Houston is better than Kennedy's space in Florida! It worth it to spend a whole day there. We spent about 4 hours in NASA and still think it was not enough. Thanks to the tour guide, he suggested us to run to NASA train tour first before visiting the galleries. The train tour took about an hour, and they will show you where the astronaut works and the latest projects in NASA, which was super cool. Later on, we have enough time to walk around and experience the collections - like touching a piece of moon and mars and having our lunch with astronauts in the diner. I'll recommend this tour to all my friend. Thank you for the great job.



    I picked this tour because I don't want to sit in the car for too long and all other tours seem to include New Orleans. It was the first time I visited Texas and visiting the Southern US was always in my travel plan. I was a bit unsure if I should book a tour or just rent a car and drive around. In the end, I decided to go for it as I only have limited days PTO and I have to say both the tour and the lone star state didn't disappoint me. The tour itself is not too tired and gave us enough time for each attraction. TOP3 Cities: 1. San Antonio, which is very much like in Venice. 2. Fort Worth, which has the most cowboy culture. 3. Houston, not only it's a big city but also rich is the culture and attractions. TOP3 things to visit: 1. Houston Museum of Natual Science - if you are a dinosaur fan like me. 2. San Antonio river walks 3. Rodeo night tour.